What Does "Responsible" Mean?

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Responsible tag:

Shows garments that are made from over 50% certified organic, lower impact or recycled materials. At PH5 we are committed to lowering our impact and closing the loop on what we create.

We were at 91% responsibly sourced in Fall Winter 2021, 100% in Resort 2022, and 100% in Spring Summer 2022. We were aiming for 100% for Fall Winter 2022, however, we ran into an issue with a nylon yarn. We were unable to meet the production minimum for the recycled version and had to settle with virgin nylon instead. As a result, we only achieved 87% responsible yarn in Fall Winter 2022. Overall we are at 93% responsibly sourced for the last four collections. We are committed to maintaining this level and working towards 100% every season by 2023.

The materials we use include FSC certified ecovero viscose, recycled polyester, organic cotton, recycled viscose & recycled nylon.