PH5+ Activewear Science

Our activewear is created for athletes and for those wanting to perform like them. Made with zero-waste knitting and recycled yarns it is our most sustainable activewear to date. Road-tested by our iron-man athlete founder Wei, these pieces are moisture-wicking and designed to work with the body for optimum performance. Designed to slip in to your wardrobe with matching PH5 pieces to take you from the gym to brunch. As seen on

Through technical knitting it is possible to tailor different compression needs according to different muscle types. 

 We gave our bra tops a curved shape and knit the front of the bra with more compression than the back. We also knit our leggings with a thinner and stretchier yarn than our tops and offer a slightly more flexible compression on the back of the leggings than the front. This level of technicality and complexity is only possible with knit.

“The whole process felt like I was designing my ideal sporty suit of armour. My intention was to specifically test our products under extreme conditions to make sure they hold up and that they are comfortable to wear from beginning to end. And they are!”
Our founder Wei Lin, Ironman athlete