Founder Wei Lin’s mother runs a knitwear mill in Dongguan, China. This is where we develop and produce PH5. We work hand in hand with our computer engineers and technicians to code and pattern each design. Thanks to this advantage, we are able to be TRULY experimental and innovative. Whether it be a new stitch, a new yarn, or a new treatment, our goal is to always offer something our customers have never seen before.

Some of our techniques take months to develop and countless hours of knitting for each garment. The quality of our work is unseen, and the price point is unmatched in the market, making the label a favorite since our launch.

We believe in knit because, by nature, knit is environmentally friendly. The process of making a knit garment can be of zero wastage because unlike woven, we don’t have to cut fabrics into patterns. We knit panels and garments in the exact shape we program. Therefore, we don’t have leftover fabrics but only left-over yarns, which can be used for future developments.