PH5 x Community

PH5 is more than a fashion brand, we are also a part of a community. We want to contribute and be active members of our community and so are always looking for ways to contribute and amplify traditionally marginalized voices and those working to improve society for all.



100% of proceeds from the sale of our Earth Day UV T-shirt is donated toΒ One Tree Planted. 1 sale = 100 fruit trees in the ground in India, working with small and marginalized farmers to increase their family income and provide access to nutritional fruit. Three years after planting, each tree will help to generate additional income USD$10 per year while also capturing carbon and preventing soil erosion.

2300 trees planted to date and counting! 🌳

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Following the devastating Australian bushfires in 2019/20 our SS21 campaign showcased Australian First Nations women of FireSticks Alliance to raise awareness of their holistic approach to land management in Australia.

To "share the mic" our SS21 campaign video spread their important message of caring for Country, and a 2021 calendar sold raised over $1000 to their important cause. You can watch the video here.
Β Two hands holding a blue and green bag

PH5’s fall 2018 presentation. Image Credit: Stefania Curto for The New York Times


Coding is a central part of the design process for PH5. To showcase the importance of coders in fashion PH5 partnered with Girls Who Code, a startup that aims to close the gender gap in technology through education.

You can be into computers and work in the fashion industry.” Reshma Saujani, founder and chief executive of the Girls Who Code program,Β  β€œOne of the things we tell our girls is we have to change the image of what a coder looks like and the industries where coders are most prominent.Β  We have to stop putting girls into boxes and see them for who they are.”

PH5 also donated 10% of sales during the month of June 2020 to Black Girls Who Code.

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